Who’s On Our Dream Panel? (Our Fangirl Hearts Will Be Overjoyed If This Happens)

Posted January 18, 2017 by Sophia, Lupe and Anelise
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who's on our dream panelHello and Happy Tuesday!

We’re extremely excited to write this post (I mean, I, Sophia, completely forgot that last Wednesday was January 11, the original date of the post, and to top it off… I forgot my iPad… which really did not help) and had so much fun (okay, somewhat, because brainstorming is always the hardest in my humble opinion) throughout the process.

The folks over at Eventbrite inspired us to create our dream panel – if we had the opportunity to bring our favorite characters or authors together, who would we bring, and what kinds of dying questions would we ask them?

Onward, to our dream panel! Um… assuming there is no bloodshed. We’ll shed some light on that in a moment.


So with our dream panel… we might have gone into the dark side just a little bit. For our moderator, we’ve chosen the infamous He Who Must Not Be Named… VOLDEMORT!

Okay, we had a little bit of a mini-debate between Puck from Iron Fey and the famous creator of Harry Potter, but then Lupe came up with the genius Voldemort idea… only because it will be hilarious to have a villain moderating a panel. I then suggested Draco Malfoy, because I mean, imagine someone giving an unsatisfactory answer.

my father will hear about this draco malfoy harry potter

Voldemort it is, then.

Authors and Characters

We went into the creative side for this one. Instead of choosing one or the other… we went with both… because it’ll be a lot of fun to see the authors’ reactions when they notice a panelist or two are the actual famous characters.

divergent tris water breaking glass
Just a crack in reality here or lack thereof in terms of the actual movie…


  • J.K. Rowling – Anelise just revealed to us that she’s a Slytherin…
    • WE’VE GOT A SNAKE AMONG US BIRDIES. HELPPP. Just kidding, Anelise. <3
  • Rick Riordan – Rick is not my favorite author, but he’s one of my favorite authors.
  • Richelle Mead – I mean, this is Lupe’s favorite author we’re talking about. (I am not as big of a fan of Vampire Academy as Lupe is, though.)
  • Marie Lu


  • Lucy – Imperfect Chemistry by Mary Frame (Hint: This is my favorite New Adult book and I probably mention it at least once a month if not more.)
  • Will – The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare
  • Sydney – Bloodlines by Richelle Mead
  • Tris – Divergent by Veronica Roth
  • Cinder – The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer


What Hogwarts Houses would you sort yourself into? What about in Ilvermorny?

So how do you guys actually blend into the normal world when you’re first created by the authors? Is it like some sort of veil and we just think as though you always existed or something else entirely?

Do you sometimes wish you could change the actions or even a trait an author created for you?

Have you ever started writing something and gave up and never went back to finish the story?

How does it feel to know that someone created you and knew from the beginning where you would end up? Do you even like where you ended up? *eyes Tris*

For characters, what happens after we read the last page of the book? Do you keep on living life behind the scenes by yourself, without the help of an author, that we don’t get to read or what?

How much research do you put into your books?

Do you base any of your characters on real peeps? (Sorry characters don’t mean to offend you!)

As characters do you ever think it’s weird that there’s someone who created you and knows every inch of your mind? Or do you feel there’s much more to you that the author doesn’t know about? Or do you just not even know you were made up?

Let’s Chat: Who do you want to see in your dream panel?

Eventbrite is a platform that helps people find and plan events from all over the world. To check out events near you, be sure to check out their website! Interested in creating your own panel? Eventbrite has free tools on their conference management page to help you get started!


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