Why Is A Book Series Abandoned? AKA Would You Be A Bookish Criminal?

Posted June 26, 2018 by Sophia

We might call books our “children” and all, but some of us would suck as parents to books.

It’s okay – you’re not alone! I’m not ready to parent human beings, much less books. I’d get in trouble for child abandonment. (Plus we lug them around like models for Instagram… the horrors don’t end.)

But let’s put that analogy aside and talk about good old books, especially the ones in a series. They’re usually the poor souls getting abandoned after all, right?

So why do we abandon a book, or in this case, a book series?

Just so you know, you are not horrible. That would make all of us horrible.

1. You grew out of them.

Much like some of us grow out of hobbies and interests, we can grow out of a book series as well… it’s nothing personal. And it’s not you, book, it’s me.

2. That TBR pile though.

This is a valid excuse for everything bookworm problem related. #TBRProblems (Do you not use this excuse? How?!?!?! Or are you just ignoring those problems because you don’t want to admit you have a problem?)

3. You started the book because there was too much pressure and now there isn’t any.

You just wanted them off your back in the first place.

4. You want to take your time.

You’re not abandoning them, you look like you’re abandoning them because, “Oh dear, they go by so quickly.”

5. They got lost.

*sets book down for 5 minutes*

5 minutes later

*book disappeared*

*never finds book again*

6. Booknapped!

Hey, person who took my precious copy, I see you. It’s been 5 years and all I asked you to was to babysit my book, not keep it forever.

Can’t finish a book if you don’t have it. 🤷

7. You were expecting something else out of it.

And it was A LOT better in your head than what you GOT.

8. You don’t care about book commitment (they didn’t deserve it either).

You care more about people commitment.

9. You forgot about it.

It happens, no big deal. I mean, how could you?!?!

Let’s talk: Do you abandon books or a series? Why do you abandon them? (Do you regret them sometimes???)

Sophia started blogging in February 2012 for the hell of it and is surprisingly still around. She has a GIF for nearly everything, probably listens to too much K-Pop and is generally in an existential crisis of sorts (she's trying her best). In 2020, she graduated with a Bachelor's in Communications and minor in Women's Studies. More of her bookish reviews and K-pop Roundups can be found at The Arts STL.

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32 responses to “Why Is A Book Series Abandoned? AKA Would You Be A Bookish Criminal?

  1. It takes me a while to give up on a series, but I don’t tend to feel bad about it. There’s far too many good books in the world to waste your time on something that you’re not enjoying.

  2. Forgetting about a series (despite my best intentions) is a common problem for my reading habits, as is growing out of series. That said, I do still own some that I’d like to read… someday! 🙂

    Happy Top Ten Tuesday.

  3. For series that I adore, I almost always remember to read them. I pre-ordered Wildcard in April, and I remember counting down the days until The Fates Divide came out.

    Sometimes (usually with long nonfiction books) I might abandon a book while I’m reading it because it takes a while and (ooh, squirrel, I mean, book!) I end up getting involved with another book. I’ll often get back to the distracted book later (sometimes years later).

  4. Yeah, I sometimes forget about books. I usually use the “but look at my TBR” in the other direction. Meaning “Look how huge my TBR is, I’ll just re-read this old favorite of mine don’t hate me please and thank you I’ll hide now”.

    Great post! My Top Ten Tuesday

  5. Jo

    I barely ever abandon book series, I have a need for closure so a book has to be really, really bad for me not to consider finishing a series!

  6. I feel like I start a lot of books out of FOMO, or I just see SO MANY other bloggers raving about them that I feel like I need to read them. But a lot of times, they just aren’t for me, so I end up quitting a lot of series.

    • Seeing them around all the time is a huge part to reading and abandoning as well, I think – everyone thinks you’ll like it and they rave about it all the time… I totally get where you’re coming from with this because this happens. SO. MUCH.

  7. For me, its a combo of forgetting and time. If it takes a while between books in the series, often, I have forgotten the plot and filled my TBR with other books!

  8. lol I love this post. I am a terrible book parent. I regularly sell off my “children” in exchange for other “children” that I hang out with for a week, think they’re cute, and then get bored – and then the cycle continues!

  9. It’s almost always the last point for me. And my growing TBR of course! No matter how much I love a first book, there’s a big chance I’ll never finish the series since there are lots of new releases to read–and the hype to follow! Then I end up forgetting all about what I previously read. D:

  10. The most common reason I abandon a series is because it is not completely published and by the time the new book is released I have forgotten too much about the first books and feel like I can’t read the next book without re-reading the first books and ain’t nobody got time for that! Great post 🙂

  11. Oh gosh, I have such a hard time keeping up with series. For one thing, I don’t read a lot of the really popular series – just don’t interest me. However, for the ones that I want to read, sometime I read the first and then I don’t have time when the second comes out and time just goes by…OR I never started the book due to lack of time and now I have like three or more books to read. LOL

    I’m trying to focus on series more this year though – and last year too. So I’ve been reading series on my wish list, and actually finishing some others. There are definitely books from the past that I’ve read the first one and I just don’t care to go back and re-read that so I can finish the series. Ah well…so many books, so very very little time.


    • Thanks, Dani! ^_^ I’m always abandoning series if I can’t finish the first book (I don’t feel that bad if it’s a book I don’t like, but I do feel bad if it’s a book I DO like).

  12. RO

    OMG – I totally adore the way you’ve written this post, and has me smiling out loud! I’m so scatterbrained these days that keeping track of series is just not in my wheelhouse, but I used to read them quite a bit. The Book Napping is the reason I no longer lend books to friends unless I have a duplicate. Hugs…RO

    • I don’t even lend books unless it’s an ebook or I trust them…

      Thankfully Goodreads exist, right? I don’t know I’ll keep track otherwise since I’m forgetful.

  13. Great post!! haha oh my gosh, I forget about series all the time, especially if the next books in the series aren’t out yet, and I have to wait ages to continue it!

  14. I abandon series… a lot… Especially the ‘you want to take your time’ one… By which of course I REALLY mean I’ll never actually finish it, I just haven’t formally given up, but… I can pretend!

  15. When I think of the series I have abandoned, the number one reason was that I fell out of love with the story/characters. There area bunch of series, that had ah-mazing first books, and then the series took a turn I was not into in book 2. There are few where I have grown out of them as well. There was one, which I really enjoyed at first, but not I get irritated by how angsty the characters are.

    • Well put, Sam! I usually feel the same way, and I think that’s the case with a certain author I’ve enjoyed well throughout middle school and high school (mainly the I feel like I’ve grown out of it).

  16. I occasionally abandon a series if I outgrow it or I wasn’t impressed with the first book. For example, Paranormalcy by Kirsten White was a book I enjoyed somewhat but not enough to buy the whole series. It’s been several years now and my reading preferences have changed.

  17. We DO need more hours! All the blogging and reading and world domination… wait, I wasn’t supposed to say that last one.

    But we do need more hours to do all the things.