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Posted July 28, 2017 by Sophia

Hellooo book nerds!

Sophia here for another week! Har har, Lupe hasn’t kicked me off this post yet!

Well, actually, she can kick me off or hijack the post – I won’t stop her from doing so.

That aside, let’s go on to Fangirl Friday, where we aim to give the latest bookish news, but other things slip in for sure.

San Diego Comic Con ended this past weekend – we covered some of the trailers we came across in last week’s Fangirl Friday post.

Wonder Woman, which came out earlier this year, is getting a sequel! Wonder Woman 2 is planned for release December 2019.

Speaking of Wonder Woman, Justice League trailer!

Thor: Ragnarok also has a trailer.

Stranger Things revealed the second season trailer! Season 1 is currently available on Netflix, while Season 2 will come later this year.

The first trailer for Ready Player One, based on the novel by Ernest Cline, has been revealed!

The trailer for Season 7 of Once Upon a Time was revealed. I haven’t watched this show in YEARS, but I’ve been trying to watch it from Season 1 so I can catch up. The show is getting moved to Fridays starting October 6!

Update: The trailer has been removed.

Riverdale revealed the first trailer for Season 2. I watched Season 1 at the beginning of the summer and was a little… bored for the first 5 episodes. It’s interesting, but it’s overhyped if you ask me.

That’s all for this week! There’s plenty of trailers that were revealed, but we’re just recapping the few that we’ve seen on the interwebs. By the way, Grammarly extension is weird and likes to take away the trailers from YouTube. Not cool.

Sophia is a socially awkward Communications major who has a GIF for nearly everything and is frequently in a Hogwarts House Crisis. More of her bookish reviews can be found at The Arts STL.

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