A Bookwyrm’s Guide to Creatures in the Halloween Games

Posted October 25, 2018 by Sophia

creatures halloween hunger games

Hello bookwyrms, I have stolen the crown from Sam @ Fictionally Sam and it is now my turn to rule the Blogoween world! We’re going to start things off a little rough because it’s only going to get easier later. By the end of my reign, you’ll love me.

evil laugh rwby
Don’t you love my evil laugh?

It’s time for a very Halloween Hunger Games!

Are the odds in your favor? 🤔

You, dearest bookwyrm, have been chosen to participate in the 77th annual Hunger Games.

Fortunately for you and all the tributes, you’ve been given a theme for this year: Halloween. What does that mean? Well, you’re facing some of the spookiest creatures known to Halloween.

And lucky for you, I’ve got a guide to some of the creeptastic creatures you’re likely to come across.

I’ve done my research, folks, and I want you to survive. I hear these creatures are fierce, deadly and will put up a fight to yours or their death! Whichever comes first, of course. But you’ll be ready before you even step foot into the arena. 😉

This guide is incomplete, though. The game makers can’t give much information – that’ll ruin the fun, right?


Are they decorations, or are they something more? Inside sources say the traditional pumpkin carving you’ll find surrounding various parts of the arena aren’t as friendly as they appear to be!

Oh, and be careful of their flying cousins, too. They’re even more dangerous.


Tributes, don’t touch that gravestone. Don’t walk into that cemetery.

And most of all, don’t trust the tribute(s) who decide it’s a great idea to do so. Especially when they return in one piece again.

Vampire Bats

They’re not ordinary bats… but they’re not exactly vampires, either. A hybrid of vampires and bats, they dwell in dark caves, so go with caution when entering a cave in the arena. Those who choose to enter without vigilance will find themselves with less blood than they entered… or…

Perhaps dead.

Grim Reapers

The reaper might be cool looking and all in the media you see on a daily basis, but in the arena, you don’t want to deal with the reaper himself, especially if you’re on the brink of death. There are two forms of Reapers that can be found in the arena: one that will make sure your soul travels safely to another realm and one that will bring death upon you.

BUT… you’ll never know the difference between the two.

Feel free to take your risk with this one, tributes, but you’ve been warned.


These may have their origins back when farmers used them to scare off birds, but don’t let their harmlessness fool you. You’re no bird, but that’s precisely the point. These specially made scarecrows have the ability to sense movement in front of them… and stop it instantly with fires shooting out of their eyes.

Your best course of action when coming across a scarecrow is very low or very high, but never within line of their eyes.


Did you think the game makers would make your life easier by only providing vampire bats when you’re sleeping?

*whispers* Maybe in your dreams.

LISTEN, TRIBUTES. These spiders are not your ordinary spiders! They bite! I mean, spiders can bite, but these bites are quite fatal and these spiders are found in the least likely of places you’ll normally find spiders in.


Nothing beats a Halloween styled game than good old-fashioned ghosts lurking about in the arena. From random souls found in the arena to past and future tributes, most of them are harmless.

Perhaps they’ll stare at you, try to scare you or give you a chilling feel of being watched, but they don’t usually mean any harm. Not intentionally, at least.


You must have thought the game makers were absolutely cruel to ensure there were no survivors from this year’s Hunger Games, tributes. Worry not, because these will do you no harm at all. In fact, if you come across them, stick close to them – you won’t regret your choice.

However, they can die, and other creatures will be coming for them as well, so don’t count yourself lucky yet.


They might be funny and amusing sometimes, but not when you’re on the receiving end. These little creatures always have a trick up their sleeve and pulling a prank on someone, bringing them great amounts of joy.

What kind of pranks should you expect? Anything from harmless to ones that will lead you to your grave.


If you had to choose between a skeleton or a zombie, I highly recommend you choose skeleton. But in the arena, tribute, you’ll have to test your luck.


Smaller than goblins, they’re just as mischievous if not more. You won’t find them in sight most of the time, but you’ll certainly see signs of them… after their victim is affected.

Or perhaps before something happens.


If vampire bats are the least of your worries, beware of wendigos, who hide in caves and abandoned places of the dark. You might be able to come out of a cave alive with vampire bats, but you won’t see the light of day again if you cross paths with a Wendigo.

The Dragon of Night

Perhaps the greatest danger of them all is the Dragon of Night, who soars over the arena nearly every night, breathing fire into the dark of night. Unsuspecting tributes will find themselves burnt to a crisp, as there are no patterns to this particular dragon.

There had to be a dragon involved in this, tributes. Dragons complete everything.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Let’s talk, tributes! How will you survive the Halloween Hunger Games? Any creatures you do or don’t want to meet?

creatures halloween hunger games

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    • Never actual spiders – they scare me as well, and I don’t want them on my blog! *rolls away* I’ve searched far and wide for a cartoon spider.

  1. The wendigo looks like the most dangerous but since I’ve read something about how is actually a religious figure in some Native American folklore, I don’t feel okay at talking about it in such terms.
    So I would probably for for zombies. Their level of deadlyness is comproved. But reapers too! Those two seems more dangerous. The dragon can be easily spotted and take repair U_U

    • Oh, Sophie, there is few places to hide… at least safely. Don’t rely on your gargoyle if you are fortunate enough to come across one. 😉

  2. Omg, Gremlins !!!
    While I have no idea how the hunger games even works as I haven’t read nor even watched it xd that’s quite the list of monsters !

    I can’t even do normal spiders.. so thoses are a NOPE for me.