Grail by Realm Lovejoy | Morgan continues her internal struggle

Posted March 5, 2020 by Sophia

Grail by Realm Lovejoy | Morgan continues her internal struggle

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Grail by Realm Lovejoy | Morgan continues her internal struggleGrail by Realm Lovejoy
Le Fay #3
Other Books: Sword, Spear
Published by Self-Published on December 6, 2016
Genres: Fantasy, Retellings, Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Prime/Kindle Unlimited

A hero has fallen, and darkness threatens a splintered Camelot. In the midst of turmoil, the last hope for the kingdom is Morgan le Fay. Morgan is both feared and revered . . . and currently in prison for treason.

In the wake of King Uther’s tragic death, the wicked Mordred is closing in on young King Arthur, and the boy king turns to Morgan for help. Freed from her imprisonment through his order, Morgan searches for a way to protect him. But she is still an outcast, and no one believes her suspicions about Mordred.

To save King Arthur, Morgan must reach the greatest Royal Relic in the world—the Grail—before Mordred does. It’s a journey that will challenge her in ways she’s never been challenged before. Traveling deep into a land of darkness, she will need to overcome the ghosts of her past to find her true power.

Can Morgan defeat Mordred and save King Arthur? And this time, can she defend Camelot without destroying herself? In this third book in the Le Fay series, author Realm Lovejoy reveals secrets from the past as Morgan’s epic journey unfolds.

One of my goals for 2019 was completing a few series that I enjoyed a while ago.

And then completely abandoned. It’s been nearly three years since I read Sword, the second book in Realm Lovejoy’s Le Fay series, but after getting Kindle Unlimited on sale, I figured I should dive into Grail.

Might as well. 🤷‍♀️

Side note: I definitely wrote this review in January 2019 and well… it’s not 2019 for sure. I’ve definitely read Spear by now and the review is sitting somewhere.

Grail is short and quick like the other books in the Le Fay series.

It’s really hard to talk about the pacing when the average page length for the books I read are approximately 300-500 pages. But for a book of approximately 124 pages, Grail has good pacing and I found myself going through relatively quickly.

I did, however, found myself lost for a little bit since there isn’t much of a recap. But to be fair, it’s been years.

Morgan continues to struggle with being good or evil.

Part of me would love to see Morgan become evil and her journey down that path. However, one of the things I enjoy about the Le Fay series is Morgan’s constant struggle with good and evil. In Henge and Sword, we learn a little about Morgan’s childhood and background. We see her struggling to gain control of her powers while being accused and shoved into things that she hasn’t done.

Grail continues the storyline with Morgan restrained from using her powers completely until she is revealed to be one of the only people who can get to a Royal Relic before Mordred. There are so many chances and reasons for Morgan to become villainous, but we see her aspirations to be a good person regardless.

Am I going to be disappointed with Spear?

Bookwyrms, part of me is scared of finishing the series with Spear, the fourth and last book. I enjoyed the fast-paced action of Henge, but with Sword and Grail, I find myself slightly disappointed but also satisfied with the action. Lovejoy does a great job with keeping you hooked and invested into the series after the last page and that continues to be the case with Grail.

Will there be a disappointment? Hopefully not.

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