Robbergirl by S.T. Gibson | Snow Queen retelling plus f/f romance

Posted May 23, 2019 by Sophia

Robbergirl by S.T. Gibson | Snow Queen retelling plus f/f romance

Robbergirl by S.T. Gibson | Snow Queen retelling plus f/f romanceRobbergirl by S.T. Gibson
Published by Eminence Publishing on February 12, 2019
Genres: Fantasy, Retellings, Young Adult
Format: eBook
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In a Sweden wracked by war and haunted by folk stories so dark they can only be spoken of in whispers, Helvig has been raised by her brigand father to steal whatever treasure catches her eye. When her men ambush a girl on the road with hair pale as death and a raven perched on her shoulder, Helvig cannot resist bringing home a truly unique prize: a genuine witch.

Drawn irresistibly into the other woman’s web, Helvig soon learns of Gerda’s reason for walking the icy border roads alone: to find the Queen who lives at the top of the world and kill her. Anyone else would be smart enough not to believe a children’s story, but Helvig is plagued by enchantments of her own, and she struggles to guard the sins of her past while growing closer to Gerda.

As Christmastide gives way to the thin-veiled days when ghosts are at their most vengeful, the two women find themselves on a journey through forest and Samiland to a final confrontation that will either redeem them or destroy them entirely.

It's DEATHLESS meets FINGERSMITH in this coming of age fable.

If Robbergirl has taught me anything, it’s proven that I have a huge preference for books with action. But it’s also proven that I have an appreciation for slow and steady books with a good ending.

S.T. Gibson’s novel is a retelling of The Snow Queen set in Sweden where Helvig has grown up surviving through the art of thievery. She and her crew bring home what they consider treasures each time they go out, and when they cross paths with a girl named Gerda, Helvig can’t resist bringing her home. Soon, Gerda reveals she is looking for the Snow Queen so she can kill her, but Helvig insists she stays for a while.

Some Thoughts About Robbergirl

Robbergirl is slow and steady, focused on world-building. The novel brings readers into the story from the very first page when Helvig and her crew are about to meet Gerda.

S.T. Gibson keeps enough suspense and mystery that make the story interesting.

This novel is a dark retelling, and I do appreciate dark. Robbergirl is atmospheric with dark and creepy vibes, and I’m here to admit I didn’t want to look up The Snow Queen at midnight when I finished. Getting scared easily might be why I rarely read horror novels. I love sleep too much to sacrifice it for more than a few hours. 😂

F/F romance! I loved the growing romance between Helvig and Gerda, and I loved the girl power they showcase throughout the novel.

I also loved the father/daughter relationship and relationships formed among Helvig and her crew.

Final Thoughts

S.T. Gibson’s novel isn’t my favorite novel of the year, but it isn’t one that I’ll forget quickly. Robbergirl is perfect for those who want a retelling that is slow in the beginning but has a satisfactory ending with a theme of self-discovery and identity and beautiful relationships between the characters.

Let’s talk, bookwyrms: Do you prefer action or slow and steady novels? What are some of your favorite f/f romance stories?

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3 responses to “Robbergirl by S.T. Gibson | Snow Queen retelling plus f/f romance

  1. An emphasis on worldbuiding? Hell to the YES! I love atmospheric reads that focus on the world, sometimes I get bored when the plot has an abundance of action. I am not too familiar with The Snow Queen itself, but I am going to have to give this book a try. Great review, Soph!

    • Sophia

      Aww yay! I do agree; plots can have WAY too much action sometimes, despite the fact I enjoy a book with good action.

  2. Oooh this sounds like such a wonderful story! And yay for F/F! I haven’t seen that many f/f stories, so I will definitely add it to my tbr and bump it a bit up because of you, my dear Soph!