Weekly Wrap-Up: Winter is Not Coming, It Came In Like a Wrecking Ball

Posted November 18, 2018 by Sophia and Lupe

Yes… yes, I went there. I definitely went there. You’ve got to admit this is an accurate portrayal of the seasons currently in some parts of the US.

wrecking ball

But it’s Thanksgiving Break! Too bad I have projects to finish.

Meanwhile, since the last time I posted a Weekly Wrap-Up, Bookwyrming Thoughts is SIX! I’m still a little mind blown because 15-year-old definitely did not expect to last long in the blogging world. We’ve evolved like a Pokemon. 😱

This Week’s Posts

Book Haul

Red Winter by Annette Marie – I started reading her novels for the Three Mages and a Margarita blog tour and have enjoyed both books in The Guild Codex: Spellbound series, so I’m trekking my way through her other books now as well! Plus, this is on Prime and I might as well put that Prime Student to use in other ways, am I right???

Reading Life

A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro – This one is also from Prime! I started this a few weeks ago, but then put it on a back burner because I wanted to read Dark Arts and a Daiquiri.

Real Life

It’s that time of year again when the projects start slamming in. I’m definitely not excited. Not excited at all (mainly because I’ve procrastinated a little). But I’m a little excited because there’s a Kindle Unlimited Deal going on for $.99 right now… and it’s for THREE MONTHS. I’ve been curious about this subscription system for a while, so I figured why not try it out for a nice deal? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ALSO, I AM A PUBLISHED AUTHOR ON PROJECT CANVAS. Look at this pretty on Amazon. 😍 I am like 99.9% sure my piece has been laughing at me for the past two years like Roman Torchwick from RWBY.


I have disappeared for the past month, but I’m back! Thank you, Sophia, for understanding and for visiting me at the hospital! Allow me to explain how I almost died. (FYI I exaggerate all the time).

By the way, I will try to explain this as short as possible.

My right middle finger was infected. I was hospitalized twice because of my finger and the first IV antibiotic that I was given made me throw up. I almost died because I was stubborn to go to the hospital right away. Even if I had a fever of 103 and really bad drug rash from the oral antibiotics. I had surgery done to remove the dead skin the infection killed. The infection did touch my bone a little.

I have MRSA. It is a staph infection that is resistant to antibiotics. That is why I have a PICC line in my left arm. In October, I have not gone to school for three weeks. I did not lose my right middle finger. I never had any issues with my health before. I usually avoid doctors like the plague. This experience made me appreciate nurses, doctors, and surgeons.

Let’s chat, bookwyrms! How was your week? Anything exciting? Not exciting? Are you on break, too?

Sophia started blogging in February 2012 for the hell of it and is surprisingly still around. She has a GIF for nearly everything, probably listens to too much K-Pop and is generally in an existential crisis of sorts (she's trying her best). In 2020, she graduated with a Bachelor's in Communications and minor in Women's Studies. More of her bookish reviews and K-pop Roundups can be found at The Arts STL.

Co-blogger at Bookwyrming Thoughts

Lupe is a 23-year-old Mexican-American who enjoys reading and watching movies when she gets the chance to relax. Her all-time favorite series consists of Bloodlines and Vampire Academy (among others), and her favorite author is Richelle Mead.

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25 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Winter is Not Coming, It Came In Like a Wrecking Ball

  1. Yay for Thanksgiving! And yes I feel like a wrecking ball is appropriate! We got snow here although I know a lot of people got it worse!

    Congrats on turning six!!!! Wow! And I’ve heard really good things about that new Annette Marie series.

    Lupe, glad you’re okay but that definitely sounds like you went through the ringer! Hope you are feeling better and healing quickly. Take care!

  2. Winter hit us on the Gulf Coast this week too, Sophia. It actually got down to freezing. Way too early for anything like that here.
    I’m glad you didn’t lose your finger, Lupe. That infection isn’t pleasant. My brother fought the same thing for months.
    I hope you both have a lovely Sunday:)

  3. I am glad you survived Lupe. And I know how you feel because I am exactly the same. A bruise? ice it. A cut? Ice it. Fever? Curl up in bed and die. But I would never go to the doctor unless I am dragged literally by someone else. But I am glad you made it. And Congrats on your book, Sophia.

  4. OMG, Lupe! I’m glad you’re on the mend. I don’t particularly like going to the doctor, either, but sometimes you have to! Learned that the hard way when I ended up in the ER in August.

    Sophia – we definitely got a winter punch this week! We got way more snow than we anticipated getting.

  5. Congrats Sophi on being a published author! and Lupe, gosh, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having such a rough time. I hope you’ll recover soon and get as good as new!

  6. Lupe – I am glad you are alive, but that was a very serious issue you were dealing with. ((HUGS)) and happy healing.

    Congratulations on SIX years!!! It is pretty amazing to still be sticking with something about that many years. Here’s to many more!

  7. Yes it rained here all week until Friday and was 40F/ 5C! Finally the rain stopped and we are back to 55-60, more like autumn. I’m looking forward to a slower paced week over Thanksgiving.

    I also plan to do the $0.99 trial of KU for the next 3 months. The last time I did a trial I did not read a single thing. Not one. I hope to do better.

    Have a great week reading! Anne – Books of My Heart

  8. Oh gosh, Lupe, I’m glad you’re doing okay! That must have been scary.

    And I’m kind of curious about Kindle Unlimited…I don’t know that I’d keep it past three months though, just because, money.


    • True. I’m trying it out in the hopes that I do read a lot to make sure it is well worth the cost that I will potentially be spending on after the deal is over.

  9. Sofia, congratulations on six years of blogging, and on getting published! And good luck with all the projects.

    Lupe, I’m sorry you’re going through all that. MRSA is nasty stuff. I’m glad you didn’t lose the finger…or your life. I hope they can get it completely knocked out soon.