The Book Blogger Tag | 6 Years Later in 2020

Posted August 26, 2020 by Sophia and Lupe

the book blogger tag six years later

The thing about old blog posts is it’s a great way to remember what your younger self was like way back in the day, but also it’s so mortifying, you end up thousands of feet into the grave just from secondhand embarrassment.

Rest in peace to the me who had to go through that deleting posts. And rest in peace to the me going through to clean up the remaining posts.

rest in peace

Is that even possible? 🤔 I’m going to say yes, even if I might’ve had some iconic phrases from my posts.

It’s time for new and updated answers to The Book Blogger Tag!

I don’t know about you, but six years is a lot. Back then I was a baby potato still learning how to write words and finding my blogging voice and I was in high school. I’m actually done with school now. 😱 So things have definitely changed from when I first did this back in 2014 with Ella when she first joined, like:

  • The blogger who originally tagged me is no longer blogging. 😥
  • Ella is no longer a co-blogger but you can definitely read her posts on her blog, Novelly Ella!

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How much have my answers changed from 2014?

Let’s find out, bookwyrms! Lupe was originally tagged in the first one back when she had her own blog, but did she actually do the tag? We’ll never know the answer to this mystery, but she’s definitely joining in this new edition because collaborating is fun. We haven’t done it since writing about libraries we want to visit around the world.

who knows at this point siesta key
Only Lupe knows the answer to the mystery.

Lupe: I can confirm that I did NOT do the original tag back when I had my own blog. MYSTERY SOLVED!

Sophia: Damn it, Lupe.

Also, does anyone know who created this tag? Are they still around? My god, so many bloggers have left over the years. That’s another thing about going back into old posts: visiting blogs you’ve probably visited at least once or regularly only to find out they’re no longer blogging. 😭

(Sometimes you reunite. I swear I thought Lauren from Northern Plunder quit book blogging until I joined a Discord server and recognized her name. Let’s just say that was a highlight of my blogging career.)

Hang out with other bookish peeps like us on Bookish Collision, a Discord server created by Clo and Sam.

How many times do you check your email every day?


Not gonna lie, I’m still a bit lazy with my email. I might check my email through the notifications bar on my phone and then delete it as needed, but I sometimes take a few days to respond if I even respond. Other times I end up forgetting… oops.

(I used to respond to every request, but after getting shamed one time, I’m only responding if I want to respond. I’m not trying to get shamed again after politely declining.)

What’s different now than in 2014: I got a domain in 2016 and an email account just for blogging (with the fancy domain)! Everything is so much cleaner now. 💃 Oddly I still get the rare request through my Hotmail, and I would definitely delete it if I didn’t need it to contact family members across the ocean. I do wish I could change my Gmail username rather than having two though… but it’s handy for separating work and personal when I need to use Google Drive.


Ever since I can remember, I have always disliked having that annoying red bubble that is next to the email icon on my phone. I check my email first thing in the morning, when I get a notification, and before I go to bed. Basically, I constantly check my email.

Do I respond to emails? Yikes. I only respond on time if it is an EMERGENCY and if my response is needed immediately. Do I respond to review requests? I do not respond unless I want to review said request which is rare. I am at a point in my life where I choose what I want to read based on what I feel like at the moment. I don’t want the pressure to review something on a deadline. That sucks the fun out of reading.

How many times a day do you go on Goodreads?


I can’t believe I worshiped Goodreads once. Now I only go on if I want to approve or leave friend requests in limbo or update my reading progress. Sometimes this is daily, other times it’s once every few days.


Like Sophia, I am only on to update my reading progress which is every few days. As of lately, I am on it more because I am finding lots of great book recommendations from Twitter and Instagram! I check Goodreads a little more frequently because I want to read the synopsis and read the reviews before deciding if I add it to my never ending TBR.

How long does it take to you to edit your posts?


My editing process has definitely changed from skimming or leaving it as it is while formatting it into HTML code. Back then I had to be quick with my posts due to my lack of internet access at home and relying on whatever time I could with public computers. I still have a lack of internet access at home, but I have a mobile hotspot now, which is generally more than enough to last me a whole cycle. With Zoom University, though, it ate up that data pretty quickly.

Now I’ll write posts in WordPress (sometimes through Word, which is when I’ll later code it), shuffle it into Pending Review and come back to edit in the future, which sometimes might not happen until a year later. (Although at that point, I end up rewriting instead.) Not counting any break time, this can take about 2-5 hours depending on various factors. Let’s just say the 2 hours only happens when I’m procrastinating the day before a blog tour stop.


I’m a hardcore procrastinator. I do all my writing and editing in one go. Let’s say if I plan to have a post scheduled by tomorrow, there is a big chance that I will write and edit the post the night before. Normally, it will take me roughly 2 to 3 hours to write and edit in one sitting. I’ve always been this way since I first began blogging. My habits have not changed much.

What kind of laptop do you use?


Sad to say the Toshiba Satellite I once had is now dead and sitting on a chair waiting to be completely wiped by the Pros when I get around to it. I don’t have a Surface Pro now as I originally wanted, but I definitely considered it when I got my current laptop, along with the Surface Laptop. I’m now using a Samsung laptop, it’s heavy and I kind of have Regrets™ for not getting a lighter laptop.

Side Note: Geez, Surface Pro has been around for that long? Also if I knew Windows 10 would be a Mess™, I would’ve settled with a Chromebook. But then I couldn’t use Photoshop for my classes.


My first laptop that I used to use was an ASUS but that thing got slower and slower. So it is now collecting dust underneath my desk. I only ever use it during emergencies. Due to the slowness of the computer, I had to invest in another lighter laptop that I can use for school as I was gradually taking more online classes. By the way, I finally graduated! Yay me!

Now I use my handy dandy HP Envy laptop which I love and have had for 3 years now. This thing has not failed me yet and its still going strong!

How often do you check your Twitter?


Okay, I need to have a talk with 2014 Sophia because I don’t comprehend whatever gibberish I wrote back then. What the actual fucking hell? (I’m not even going to put it here because Secondhand Embarrassment.)

what the fuck
I avoid explicit language but this is an exception

What I did understand: Twitter was the best thing in the world and Ella should get one.

For my mental health, I’ve been on Twitter rarely since 2017? 2018? and it’s been awesome. I think I’m less stressed than I could have been, but I still check notifications once a day or every few days. Sometimes I’ll tweet out something I think is funny, but a lot of my tweets are now retweets or automated when posts on Instagram or the blog go live.

Did Ella get a Twitter, though? Yes!


I’m on Twitter at least once every day. Although I don’t tweet much, I like a lot of tweets on there that are both book and non-book related tweets! I check my notifications a lot and will usually respond within 24 hours or less. I tend to forget to respond because I open the notification, get distracted and end up forgetting. This happens quite often when I get text messages. I’m sorry in advance.

Sophia: I can vouch for this! I usually get left on read by a lot of people anyway.

Why do you use Blogger, WordPress, etc?


Wow, if there’s an answer that has THE BIGGEST change since 2014, it’s this one. I’m not going to lie, though, Blogger was great because I could freely customize without dealing with the constant paywalls of free WordPress, and I wouldn’t be tinkering with basic HTML or CSS without messing around on Blogger. Hell, I think I would be scared to break the entire blog; there’s so much power in my hands. Compared to though? Hands down, Blogger.

But Blogger compared to self-hosted WordPress? Oh my god, I am living my best blog platform life. I get everything that I want from Blogger in WordPress and the mobile version is so user-friendly, which is a huge plus from someone who used to blog on a tablet. Plus I can do so many other things that I wouldn’t have been able to do easily with Blogger, like my landing page.*

*I’m sure it’s possible to create that same page with Blogger, my coding skills just aren’t up to par, so I use a plugin instead. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Lupe: Hey, you know more about coding than you think! Coding is such a good skill to have these days. Take it from someone who minored in Cybersecurity who IS STILL struggling with coding.

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Listen, I traveled with Sophia during the whole change from Blogger to WordPress. Since I have recently gotten back into blogging, I had to relearn this program once again with the help from, of course, Sophia. I’m sure I was a pain in the ass by bothering her so much with questions and screenshots. I mostly bother her because I am afraid of breaking the blog!

Sophia: Lupe is not a pain. She’s a blessing.

One thing I really hated in Blogger was the number of roles; the author’s role is so limiting, especially with group posts. 😡 And you can’t switch authors like you can in WordPress. WordPress can be rude sometimes, though, but at least only one of us can really break the blog.

Are you good at keeping up with your reviews, tags, etc?

Both of us:

hahaha no watson
This is the exact same GIF from the original post. Nothing has changed.


It’s six years later and I still don’t know the definition of “keeping up.” 🤣 I’ve become even pickier with weekly memes and bookish events than ever before; I’m not even sure when I last did one? Same for blog tours — I almost never sign up unless I plan on reviewing.

As for tags? I’m still hoarding them. (Did anyone expect otherwise though?) Look at me pulling out a tag from years ago and redoing that instead of doing the numerous I’ve actually been tagged in.

laughs in corner I still have reviews from last year…


If you haven’t noticed, I DON’T keep up with reviews or tags, etc. I am trying though! Like I’ve said before, I am picky and rarely sign up for blog tours or accept requests. To be honest, I find blog tours and review requests as chores and I don’t want to feel that way towards blogging and reading.

Tags are fun! I only do tags that sound fun and interesting like this one for example!

Sophia: So if we start getting tagged like every week, please know that Lupe spoke the dangerous words to add on to my already piling hoard. I can already see Clo doing this. (But it’ll be fun! I think.)

How many times a week do you post?


Since I mentioned high school back in the first edition: surprisingly high school was relatively easy for me except for a few classes? I never did AP though, because I couldn’t afford the tests and I don’t feel tests are a fair way to measure how I can do in college. (I still graduated Cum Laude!) The ACT/SAT is absolute bullshit, and I will die on this hill. Also, I think I learned more in college without so many tests.

But back when I first started blogging, I used to post nearly every day. Over the years, there’s been a decrease in posts, and I don’t know if it’s from the lack of time that I used to have as I continued, or I started to focus more on quality instead. Probably a little of both? I’ve fluctuated from every day to once every few weeks depending on how much I could handle. I know I care way more about the quality of my posts now than in the past, and I think the fluctuation in the number of posts a week will continue.

Lupe: We should definitely remove the ACT/SAT because it is a load of bullshit! I’m still in awe that you managed to post every day back then. I was barely functioning back in High School.

Sophia: Who says we’re functioning now? 🤣


I used to post weekly Fandom Friday posts! If you remember those times, I freaking love you! Honestly, I am amazed that I was able to post once a week during that time. After my health fiasco, I took a break from blogging and now I’m back! Currently, I plan to post once a week or more, depending on how many books I fly through.

In the past, I normally wouldn’t post more than once a week. I totally agree with Sophia. It is better to focus more on the quality of the posts rather than the quantity. Personally, I want to feel proud and happy of what I post. Don’t want to share a post that I am not proud of. That is not something I am striving for!

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(We all know most of will hoard this tag for a century, but it’s okay, because we hoarded the posting of this tag for like two months.)

the book blogger tag six years later pin

Sophia started blogging in February 2012 for the hell of it and is surprisingly still around. She has a GIF for nearly everything, probably listens to too much K-Pop and is generally in an existential crisis of sorts (she's trying her best). In 2020, she graduated with a Bachelor's in Communications and minor in Women's Studies. More of her bookish reviews and K-pop Roundups can be found at The Arts STL.

Co-blogger at Bookwyrming Thoughts

Lupe is a 23-year-old Mexican-American who enjoys reading and watching movies when she gets the chance to relax. Her all-time favorite series consists of Bloodlines and Vampire Academy (among others), and her favorite author is Richelle Mead.

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18 responses to “The Book Blogger Tag | 6 Years Later in 2020

  1. “I’m not trying to get shamed again after politely declining.”
    😦 Seriously, folks. Has it ever crossed your mind that WE DON’T OWE YOU ANYTHING?

    I check my email every time I sit in front of my computer LOL. Not that I get all that mail (if you don’t count notifications of dirty comments on Blogger 👀). And yes, I have the annoying habit of replying right away 😉.

    GR: I usually log in twice a day – in the morning and in the late evening.

    Editing/drafting: if it’s a review, it can take hours…even spread on multiple days…

    Twitter: I log in multiple times a day. Since I keep to my closest friends/authors, I very rarely (if ever) get wind of drama. Actually, Twitter is a pleasant bubble where people say nice things to me (and, well, likewise!). Shocking, I know 😉.

    Blogger can be a pain in the ass sometimes (especially the new version – everything takes twice the time now, and if you use fancy frames like I do, some things you can only do in HTML because they mess with the text editor!!!), but I’m not planning to switch anytime ever. I build my home of 8 years there, and heck if I want to start anew. I hate free WP and don’t have money for anyway…Also, I kind of hate the preconception that you only are a serious blogger if you use WP, and I’m here to disprove that theory with all my might.

    I’m with you two about blog tours and memes. And I don’t do tags because they’re time-consuming and because I can’t stand commitments that I didn’t take upon myself to do 🤣.

    I remember when Sophia used to post every day, and I remember Fandom Friday! (What did I win now? 😅).
    I strive for continuity (with the help of my schedule), but my basic goal is to post once a week. If I manage to do more (like I’ve done for the past two years) I’m a happy camper!

    • Sophia

      HELLO ROBERTA quite honestly you’re probably one of the few people who essentially watched me grow up from my very awkward 15-year-old first-year high schooler self to the college graduate who is still awkward today, haha.

      I hate the preconception as well; every professional blogging post only mentions WordPress but uh… a lot of people started on Blogger though??? I’ve heard horror stories about the new version of Blogger – kind of makes me glad I left when I did, haha, even though I did like not having to pay as much… but hey, blogging on mobile is much nicer at least for me.

      (I have the annoying habit of forgetting to reply, possibly taking a month to do so, haha.)

  2. I’m sure it was fun to look back on your answers! I check my email all day long. LOL I’m not on Twitter a ton. I’m probably on Instagram the most when it comes to social media. I’m definitely a procrastinator when it comes to writing reviews and posts for the blog, but I’m trying to do better! I’m getting there. hah


    • Sophia

      You’ll get there eventually, I’m sure of it! It was a definite trip going back and looking at my old answers (I kind of want to cringe just a little.)

  3. I’m currently tag hoarding. I know I’ve been tagged in a bunch…but do I remember what they were at this point? No!

    I think it is so cool to look back on what you’ve done and accomplished over the years. I did that with my fanfic a year ago and MAN some major secondhand embarrassment there!

    I loved this post! I think it was great!

  4. Clo

    Aaaah I remember Fandom Friday days and I’m also sat here thinking about how I used to use Goodreads so much back in the day. Now I forget I even have an account most days because I hardly use it xD Ooop thank you for another tag to hoard and yayyy hi Lupe, I’ve missed you <3 (soph I miss you too but you're usually in my dms but I still miss you of course)

    Emails…I don't check them regularly I am awful! I need to get better at checking them *sighs* one day mayhaps haha

  5. Oh what a wonderful post to dig in. I am with you on leaving the emails and DMs on read and then completely forgetting to answer them. I would probably do this tag right away. It has been so long since I did one!

  6. Must be sad that the blogger that originally tagged you has stopped blogging.

    I rarely on Goodreads now to keep up with the book community, but Instagram, on the other hand, is much easier to connect and I love seeing people’s bookshelves LOL.