Weekly Wrap-Up: Happy New Year, A Trophy for Kaleena

Posted January 6, 2019 by Sophia

Happy New Year, bookwyrms! Welcome to our very first wrap-up of many for the new year. Well, when we feel like writing a wrap-up that is… because there’s no pressure, right? Not when you have goals that you want to accomplish in 2019.

But FIRST, we begin with a trophy presented to Kaleena from Reader Voracious for urging me to um… look for that like button option. I struggled to find the option and then I gave up forgot completely until a few months ago one Discord night last year when she encouraged me to search again.


Then she promptly liked my 50 Shades of Grey trailer opinions post because apparently smol Sophia is hilarious AF. We’re not linking that, bookwyrms. (Except now that everyone knows that, you’re probably going to search for that post.)

This Week’s Posts

I also listed my Top 8 YA Books of 2018 over at The Arts STL, and I just noticed there’s an indie book on there. 😱

Book Haul


The only book I got is This Cruel Design by Emily Suvada, right on New Year’s Day. The person before me must be cruel to do this to me.


I got nothing. I’m honestly this waiting for the textbook list from my university. That will be the next book haul which should be soon!

Reading Life


Surprisingly I didn’t read as much as I hoped I would??? I finished Grail by Realm Lovejoy after nearly 3 years since I read Sword and found the series available on Kindle Unlimited. Then the reading luck continued with The River Witch by Helena Rookwood, so now I’m backed up on dragging books throughout early 2019, in between ARCs and other reviews.

I then started Last of Her Name by Jessica Khoury because I read physical ARCs slower than I read eARCs. Might as well start early.

I also started Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee and omg it is amazing and I’m enjoying myself a lot. When you read a book a little slow so it doesn’t end so quickly.


Sophia is bugging me to read This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada. I am aware that she got the sequel on new years. My goal this week is to go to the library and hopefully they have it available. I know I can put a hold on the title and get it later. Recently I got a new card at a library I am not familiar with. So I got to get used to the website and all that stuff. That is a big downside to moving counties.

Real Life


One more week before I go back to classes, RIP to me. Most of my January posts are scheduled, so a lot of my time was spent doing nothing but typing up posts that may or may not show up in the future. And hanging out on Discord outside work because who sleeps?

PLUS I KNOCKED OUT A GOAL ALREADY. Lupe is officially in the New Bloggers Discord Server and wow, this is a smol accomplishment.


The spring semester is upon us! Well for some of us.

I signed up for a two-week online class called Love 101 which begins tomorrow. It was the only class that sounded ridiculous and easy. I will certainly let you know if I learn anything interesting.

I did join the New Bloggers Discord Server. Even though I am not on the chat all the time, it is fun to get to know other book lovers!

Let’s talk, bookwyrms! Are you back to school yet? Are you still on break? Have you read This Mortal Coil yet?

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46 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Happy New Year, A Trophy for Kaleena

  1. Happy New Year! And ooh Khoury’s new one. I don’t think I read her last one but I did read two before that, and liked ’em. Curious about this one!

    Have an awesome week!

    • I’m usually the opposite – the better the book, the fast I will read because I want to know what happens next. Sometimes I read slower if it’s really good, but that’s a rarity.

  2. Happy new year, Soph and Lupe!

    I have two more weeks of break but highkey relate to “waiting on the textbook list for this semester” – textbooks are disgustingly overpriced and yet lamentably necessary; I’ve also been writing up and scheduling a ton of posts because honestly my various academic and extracurricular commitments scare me and who knows how the rest of January will go.

    So far, in order, my 2019 reads have been a 5-star, a 4-star, a DNF, and a 1-star. So it’s been an … interesting time. I do have a smol mountain of ARCs and This Mortal Coil on hold at my library, though, so we’ll see how it progresses.

    • “Textbooks are disgustingly overpriced and yet lamentably necessary.” Queen Isabelle of Discord Reactions, this is a BIG MOOD. A very big mood.

      And oof. I see we’re going on a nice little downhill climb and then steadiness. It’s not even the good steadiness. Good luck on those ARCs, and we’re here for your screams about This Mortal Coil!

  3. Happy New Year.
    I haven’t read or heard about any of the books you’re talking about. Sigh.. I definitely need to check them out now. I can’t deal with not knowing! LOL!!
    Have a great week and Happy Reading!

  4. I signed into Discord once but have not ever used it. It seems like a good idea though. My daughter’s college started the semester on Friday so she was already doing assignments yesterday. Today we are going for mani/pedis because it is going to be 65F / 20C! After I wash sheets and fold laundry and do some blog commenting. They don’t open until noon anyway. Enjoy your reading! Anne – Books of My Heart

  5. I went to engineering school, so seeing titles like “Love 101” is quite amusing to me. I remember reading an article about my alma mater offering a course called “Politicizing Beyoncé”.

    • When I first heard about it, I was amused as well. What’s Love101? What do we learn? Do we learn how people fall in love or study love tropes? Politicizing Beyonce sounds like something I would be interested in taking.

  6. Well lazy week but good week with many books you began! And Discord …I know I should go back there but noestly between WP, FB, IG, Twitter, GR ….I can’t make room to go there after work. I know it’s a shame because when I did I found the discussion interesting or was able to help but I have to make choices … Have a great Sunday girls!

  7. Ooh I have put a few of the YA you talk about in your TOP 8 YA books of 2018 on my TBR. Even though I’m not sure when I’ll get to them, I’ll let you know when I do. Also Lupe, I feel you with the This Mortal Coil bugging (I am really looking forward to it Sophia, I swear!). It’d be fun to see you in the Discord chat!

    • YES DO ITTTTTTT. The books are a gem and that’s a lot considering I even found EIGHT books for last year. I thought there would be a lot less and I wouldn’t be able to make a list, haha.

  8. Alas, I return to work tomorrow. I’m dreading it as I’ve gotten too comfortable, and looking forward to as I’ve gotten too comfortable. LOL
    Happy New Year and have a wonderful week.

    • Haha, they’ve got to keep us on our toes! “Here’s a little comfort, but don’t worry, just when you’re comfortable, it’s time to get yourself back into gear.”


    Wheeee go Kal, now I can like all the posts on here hehe. Lupe, waiting on a textbook list sounds like torture *shudders* although that Love 101 online class sounds interesting…and amusing hehe.

    Ahem, I’ve not yet read This Mortal Coil (we’ll see if I get to it this year maybe), and I go back to college tomorrow boo to that. And of course it just so happens Mondays are my longest days so RIP me

    • OOF. Thursdays are my longest for this semester so RIP me as well. But I have evening classes on Monday so um… I’m tired by then usually.

      We’ll make sure you get to This Mortal Coil eventually. *puts this on birthday list present to-do list*

  10. School is no longer a thing for me, THANK GOD! I’ve successfully read 1 book so far. And that’s because it was an audio book. I have been more concerned with revamping my blog, and I’ve had a smallish reading slump. I’m kicking the slump’s behind starting tomorrow though. Other than that, I haven’t bought any books. Well..I did get me some freebies. Those don’t count, do they??

    • Ooooooo revamping is fun. Did you kick the slump’s behind well enough? And yes, they do count, you just don’t get a hole in your wallet.

  11. Best of luck with returning to classes girls! I completely agree about This Mortal Coil, its been one of my all time favourite reads as well. I must remember to grab a copy of the sequel. I’d forgotten about the Discord group. I’m still a member I think but lost my link and log in when I sent my computer off to be repaired. I’ll have to grab the link off Sophia on Twitter and reconnect with everyone. Happy new year ladies and I hope 2019 brings you health, much love and of course, lots of fabulous new reads ♡

    • Ahhhhh! I hope you’ll get to join us in our discussions more often, Kelly! I’m sure you’re still in it, though there have been a lot of changes.

  12. Sophia – Good job knocking out a goal already!!

    Lupe – what is Love 101 about?!?! Is it like a philosophy class or a history class or a literature class?

  13. Hahaha I love pranks. I also didn’t read as much as usual in 2018 and I’ve seen other bloggers say the same. Hoping 2019 is a more auspicious reading year!!

    • Ahhh, yay! I’m assuming you’re talking about Grail and Sword – they’re the second and third book, so I highly recommend reading Henge beforehand. 😀

  14. I’m glad that you finally joined us on the Discord chat, Lupe! I am not on it nearly as often as Sophia, but I try to be as social as my introverted soul and mounds of homework lets me. It really is a lot of fun and I am excited for the conversations to come!

    Anyway, my semester starts next week, so I am trying to enjoy my last days of relative freedom. I have some fun classes this semester, so I am hoping to spend more time blogging/reading and less time stressing. Keeping my fingers crossed. I hope both of you have great semesters!

    • Oh, hey, I can’t be social anywhere else so Discord it is, LOL. I hope there’s less stress involved for you, Tessa! Fun classes are great and hopefully they’ll allow you some time to relax so you can get a book or two in. <3

  15. ahaha YAY for Kal’s trophy !

    Goodluck for school, Sophia ! Let’s hope you’ll find some time to blog in-between all that you have to do !
    Also mmmh, that love 101 class make me wonder what in hell is the content of that be xD

    • Apparently, Love101 is torture and Lupe does not recommend the class AT ALL. Hopefully, I will! I think I have enough content to take a mini hiatus without anyone ever noticing, though, haha.