What Kind of Blogger Are You? (Quiz!)

Posted November 23, 2019 by Sophia

what blogger are you quiz

It’s been a hot minute since I last created a quiz, and that was way back in October when I asked everyone, “What Spoopy Creature Are You?

But do we really want to go into a full-fledged discussion about what kind of bloggers we are? I know I’m the procrastinator. I’m a firm believer there are different kinds of bloggers and each of our styles brings something new to the community. And we all blog in different ways that work for us, which is perfectly valid and fine. I’ll die on this hill if anyone disagrees with me.

Which is why why we’re having a fun quiz to figure out what kind of blogger you are.

It’s almost time for fall break, which means it’s the perfect time to:

  • write blog posts
  • do blog cleaning and tidying
  • sign up for Bookending Winter
  • take over the world one blog at a time
  • lie in wait and catch up on TV shows while plotting

Most likely, I’ll stick with the last one. But quizzes are fun, and why not ask more questions that make you ponder on who you are? I had a long fun creating my first one for Blogoween and figured I should do another one because why not?

1. You’ve been given time off to relax and perform self-care. The first thing you do is:

a. Keep yourself busy with other tasks.
b. Continue doing what you’re doing because you’re always relaxing.
c. Realize you deserve it and think about what you can do during that time.
d. Poke all your friends into getting together so you can finally hang out.

2. A minor error occurs on your site. You decide to:

a. Get to work and see if you can find any other errors. Let’s get down to business to defeat the Huns.
b. Ignore it and worry about it another day.
c. Find the cause of the error and fix it, then carry on.
d. Reach out to someone for help because you know you’d break something.

3. What’s your ARC pile look like currently?

a. Too busy to read ARCs.
b. Huge, but you’re busy reading other books so you’re denying it.
c. Manageable? Maybe?
d. Huge but there are too many good books out there.

4. You’re spending time with your favorite fictional family! You’re likely:

a. Not hanging out with them because you have plans already.
b. The late one, right before food is going to be served. (But you swear you’d try to be there.)
c. Helping out but also chatting.
d. Chatting it up with them.

5. You get an unmarked envelope in the mail. Do you:

a. I have mail?
b. Don’t realize you have mail until a week later, oops.
c. Spend more time deciding whether or not you want to open it.
d. Mail? For me? Yay! 💃💃💃

6. How are your NaNoWriMo goals going?

a. Um… I’ve been doing other things.
b. I’m waiting until the last week to start.
c. Going as well it can possibly get, but making progress.
d. If I weren’t spending so much of my time talking on Twitter, I’d knock it out of the ballpark.

7. What are you likely to receive as a present?

a. A planner or bullet journal.
b. A game you’ve wanted since it came out.
c. Stationery.
d. Art a friend commissioned for you.

8. On social media, you’re likely:

a. Lurking about.
b. Escaping from other tasks.
c. Checking in for maybe 30 minutes to a few hours, then do other things.
d. Seeing a mutual you haven’t spoken to in ages post something and then catching up with them.

9. You have a blog tour coming up in a few weeks! How early do you write the post?

a. As early as possible because you know you’re going to be occupied later.
b. Wait until a few nights before, maybe a few hours before it’s supposed to go up.
c. It all depends on the circumstances.
d. Oh, shoot. I have a blog tour? I need to stop interacting so much!

Time to find out what kind of blogger you are.

Or would be, if you’re not currently a blogger already.

If you choose mostly As, you’re the Busy Blogger.

You’re always on the run — go go go is probably what you’re saying all the time. Sometimes you lose track of things because you’re juggling so much on your plate, but you’re still going. People sometimes wonder how you can handle so much and want your stamina. Just make sure you’re taking some time to yourself before you burn out, though.

If you choose mostly Bs, you’re the Procrastinator.

No matter what you do or try, you always end up doing everything last minute, including blogging! Sometimes you’re scrambling to put together a post because you completely forgot to even start it. Oops.

If you choose mostly Cs, you’re the Balancer.

Sometimes you struggle because the universe can be cruel and careless and throw lemons in your way to make you trip and fall. But regardless, you’ve figured out a way to know when you have too much on your plate and take a step back. Most of the time, at least.

If you choose mostly Ds, you’re the Friendly Social Blogger.

You probably seem too busy or procrastinate because you’re too busy making connections with other bloggers. There’s so many people and you want to be friends with all of them because they all seem cool. Sometimes this makes you forget things, though, but you’re definitely trying your best.

Let’s talk, bookwyrms: what kind of blogger are you according to the quiz? What kind of blogger do you think you are?

Also, please note this quiz is all in good fun and may not accurately represent you. You’re doing amazing regardless of the result you get.

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Sophia started blogging in February 2012 for the hell of it and is surprisingly still around. She has a GIF for nearly everything, probably listens to too much K-Pop and is generally in an existential crisis of sorts (she's trying her best). In 2020, she graduated with a Bachelor's in Communications and minor in Women's Studies. More of her bookish reviews and K-pop Roundups can be found at The Arts STL.

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25 responses to “What Kind of Blogger Are You? (Quiz!)

  1. Clo

    *cackles* apparently I’m “the Balancer” full disclosure though, I got 3 a’s, 4 c’s and 2 d’s and honestly I’ve never felt so attacked. I’m definitely a mix of the “busy blogger and balancer”. This was so much fun to do, I wrote my answers on a piece of paper because my memory is just incapable of remember the answer to the question before xD

    • Sophia

      LMAO you’re great at balancing, but you’re also starting to get busy. Is this going to switch to the Busy Blogger in a few years? šŸ˜‚

  2. Danielle

    I got mostly Cs and Bs so Iā€™m definitely the in between Procrastinator and Balancer lol. This quiz was so cute and fun, SOPH!! šŸ™‚

  3. Your quiz says I’m a balancer and that seems about right, though I know lots of people would argue that I’m definitely a procrastinator. Your quiz would say I’m also pretty close to being a friendly social blogger which is entirely fair.

    • Sophia

      Hahaha, I get that! We look like we’re balanced but we’re really just good at being procrastinators. šŸ˜Œ

  4. Jayati Gupta

    I got mostly A’s so I guess I’m a busy blogger? I don’t know, I mean I guess I always have a lot to do but also, I’m a procrastinator because of the amount of things I need to do and half of them get neglected.

    • Sophia

      Ahahaha I’m the same way! I would definitely say you’re a busy blogger lately, though! At least from the sounds of it… hope everything is going well for you. ā¤ļø

  5. Mostly A’s here but closely followed by C. I JUST wrote a post thinking about what kind of blogger I am (mostly in regards to writing reviews) so this is timely šŸ˜› I would like to work on being a bit more of Friendly Social Blogger. I think my book blogging bubble is too small, so I’m working on expanding it (which is how I found this blog!).

    • Sophia

      LOL perfect! I definitely feel my bubble is super small as well (the blogging world is wide and vast and it’s hard to know who’s new).

  6. I got B – the Procrastinator which is totally 100% true! I have 5 different reviews I need to write (but none are ARCs!) I also have like a million tags. And I did a blog tour post earlier this month that I wrote on the day I had to post it. Great quiz šŸ˜€

    • Sophia

      LOL Brittany, you’re living up to the Procrastinator life! (But same on those reviews… I’m scared of seeing how many.)

  7. I got mostly As and Bs but some questions didn’t really apply to me since I don’t take apart in NaNoWriMo and I don’t read any ARCs. I’m definitely more Procrastinator. I don’t have no idea what to post most of the time and sometimes realize like night before that I haven’t even started planning what to write.

  8. Just took this quiz and I am the balancer.
    I got a few B’s but mostly C’s and it couldn’t be more accurate.
    Thank you for this fun quizzes. I shall check out the previous quiz too šŸ™‚

  9. This is a fun quiz! I love the Mulan reference (love that song).

    I scored mostly A’s and C’s, but the reasons for the A’s aren’t always because I’m blogging! I tend to delve deeply into one task at a time, so I tend to see-saw between blogging and doing other things.

  10. ever since doing the Identity Crisis tag I have had a NEED for more quizzes, and this one is šŸ’Æ

    my results turned out to be almost 50/50 Busy Blogger and Balancer; I think I relate more to the Busy Blogger, but I aspire to be the Balancer. key word aspire, because honestly life is just nonstop lately šŸ˜…