How Badly Did My 2019 Goals Go? (Spoiler: Not so great at the end)

Posted December 31, 2019 by Sophia

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Can you believe it’s almost the end of the month, the year, the decade? No? Just me? Also, I swear yesterday was August 2019. Apparently it’s months later. What the hell, time?

2019 has been rough.

Not just for me, it seems. Everyone else around me seems to be feeling the same way. From reading slumps to blogging slumps to low energy and lack of motivation, it has been a trip. If I thought 2016 was rough, 2019 is laughing maniacally right now.

evil laugh rwby
Is this an evil laugh? Sure, but 2019 has been evil so it’s getting an evil laugh.

Welcome, anxiety, old friend.

I made some goals back in December 2018 during Bookending Winter and then did an update/check-in in March 2019. Because in March 2019, things didn’t exactly go downhill as it seemed to have in the last few months? Six months? I definitely don’t keep track.

So About Those 2019 Goals

I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to have goals to be successful. Everyone is different and while publicly announcing my goals (selectively) generally helps keep me accountable, it might not work for you. Or you might not want to have any goals, and that’s perfectly fine as well.

That being said, let’s talk about those goals for 2019 and the updates I made in March!

🆗 Continue posting at least once a week

I updated from once to twice a week in March because blogging was going well for me. Nothing major was going on, there was less stress and I could keep up. But I also mentioned I wouldn’t stress myself into creating content, so while I did drop off for a few months, it’s safe to say I didn’t do too badly.

I’m still planning on taking a semi-hiatus during winter break, though… because while the class project was fun, it also burned me into ashes big time. I have burnt to a toast and need to be a potato from blogging.

because i'm a potato
Live footage of me sailing to the doom of life

🆗 Finish formatting, updating and cleaning

I had the opportunity in one of my classes during school to use my blog! During that class, I really wanted to focus on this goal, but since I switched hosts due to cost in the summer, I had to go back and check up on an extra year’s worth of posts.

Plus, one of my goals is to continue working on branding throughout the year, and that was a part of my project as well. But since I got stuck back into the wrist brace 24/7 for 3 months (?) straight, I didn’t get the chance to do as much cleaning as I wanted to.

I still think I didn’t do as bad considering the circumstances, but again, a thousand posts is a lot. I might have deleted well over 200, bringing the number of posts to around 900, but that’s still a lot. Expecting to go through all of that while working and going to school is impossible.

✅ Continue working on branding

I think I’ve reached a point where everything is much more consistent and all-around satisfying. *pat pats the pretty images*

But let’s be honest, this will probably change as the blog evolves neverendingly. Will I cringe five years from now? I don’t think I will as much as I would with my first posts? At least, I like to think so?

🆗 Continue blog hopping and staying on top of comments

When I switched hosts, I finally caved and purchased a subscription to Replyable, which allows me to reply to comments through email. It’s definitely worth it for me since I do a much better job of replying quicker because I hate having so much email in my inbox. That kind of gives me an incentive to reply quickly. (I hate having a lot of emails in my inbox.)

Blog hopping, however, I’m not the best, and I highly doubt I will ever be the best. And with 2019 being a rough year, sometimes I didn’t want to blog hop, and that’s perfectly fine. But I’m trying my best and that’s all that matters. 😌

you tried
Live footage of me giving myself a gold star anyway.

🆗 Work on bookstagram

I updated this to be more specific in March since I had no clue what exactly I wanted to work on in December.

  • post daily if possible
  • actually figure out my theme
  • batch take photos

I’ve had to adjust my posting schedule and haven’t let it put me down or stress me out. While this does result in lower growth and engagement, I’m not too bothered. Social media can go down at any time, taking my content with it along with my audience.

I did, however, figure out my theme! I loved my dark theme and working with Photoshop while having access to play with certain themes, but my current theme is super flexible and I can take aspects from my previous themes to put into my current. We do like flexibility.

million things i haven't done hamilton
Me @ blogging in general

That being said, this gives me plenty of batch photos being taken and saved for whenever. It’s perfectly fine if I forget them and use them next year because I don’t think this will be changing soon. Except maybe I’ve jinxed myself. I definitely stopped posting because I started burning to a crisp.

❌ Create a Patreon and Ko-Fi

I planned on working on this during summer break. That didn’t happen. Being compensated is something I believe should happen for book bloggers because creating takes so much time and energy away while also juggling school and life. And I would definitely be able to focus more time on creating awesome content… if I didn’t have to worry about the ten plates on my head and counting, like how I’m going to make next month’s rent payment. If that damn rock didn’t hit my car and break the windshield… But my anxiety likes to be a pain and secretly whisper about how I’m going to get judged even though I’m not forcing anyone. 😶

✅ Find an in-person internship

I did it! Okay, what really happened is I told my anxiety to shut up for once so I can go to an event otherwise I wouldn’t have had one.

Side Note: I did have an anxiety attack almost (which is unfortunately crying) but I’m pretty sure a few people noticed and some actually rescued me a little by talking to me. 😅 Hey, at least I showed up, yeah? I wish I could thank them because it couldn’t have been more obvious I had a huge I want to run away crying sign taped to my forehead in all caps and written in permanent marker.

🆗 Post more reviews at The Arts STL

I was reading a lot by March when I updated to two posts a month. Want to know what happened? I dropped off again. 🤣😭

I swear I’m trying my best. It’s probably really awkward for me to respond to an email 5+ months ago, though. It is what it is? If I pretend it wasn’t 5+ months ago…

🆗 Stay more on top of ARCs

I did great until June, then I got bitten by the reading slump and have struggled to catch up since. I thought I would keep up at least but then I got bitten by a fantasy reading slump. Aren’t they great? 😒

If there’s one positive outcome I’ve been a good bookwyrm and requesting few ARCs from Netgalley. And definitely not requesting or clicking request review copies from emails.

❌ Work on Pinterest

I think this falls more on the failing side because I dropped off pinning posts until my class project. But I did do some cleanup? Sort of? We’re going to call it a fail instead. 😂

Honestly, Pinterest for me felt like it takes more time that I could focus on reading or doing other things. But again, Pinterest does occasionally have people hopping over. Only as much as Goodreads, though. Half the time I’m mindlessly repinning as much as I lurk on Twitter.

🤷‍♀️ Batch create blog posts

This worked out well a little… until around July when I basically abandoned blogging except for when I needed to blog. But hey, having nearly 14 posts prewritten in pending really helped with my class project when I had to do 3 blog posts weekly for 5 weeks.

So I wouldn’t say this failed, but I definitely wouldn’t say I consistently batch created blog posts throughout the year. Which is kind of why there’s a shrugging emoji. Maybe I’ll have better luck in the new decade.

🎉 Convince Lupe to Join a Discord Server

The first thing I did was convince Lupe to join a Discord server, but then life happened and she disappeared. Which happens, because like I mentioned way back in the earliest sentence of this post… 2019 has been rough all around, and it can go sit in the timeout corner.

Let’s talk, bookwyrms: do you like creating goals for yourself? What are you proud of accomplishing in 2019?

2019 goals reflection pin

Sophia started blogging in February 2012 for the hell of it and is surprisingly still around. She has a GIF for nearly everything, probably listens to too much K-Pop and is generally in an existential crisis of sorts (she's trying her best). In 2020, she graduated with a Bachelor's in Communications and minor in Women's Studies. More of her bookish reviews and K-pop Roundups can be found at The Arts STL.

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20 responses to “How Badly Did My 2019 Goals Go? (Spoiler: Not so great at the end)

  1. The truth? You did well, all things considered. School, work, internship, anxiety attacks, a thousand’s worth of old post to go through for reformatting purposes…I could tell you that focusing on less goals at a time would give you at least twice the chance to succeed, but don’t listen to this old lady who does things at a snail’s pace 😧 😂. Maybe the variety will be good to you, when you have a little more time to explore all the fields you’re interested in. Happy New Year!

    • Sophia

      Ahahaha, I keep telling myself to slow down and NOT take on so much, but do I listen? Nope! I highly doubt you’d stop me unless you do something drastic, like conspiring with Lupe to tie me down until I’m taking good care of myself. 😂

  2. Wonderful recap! I found that setting too many goals for myself gets overwhelming, and I totally let my panic and anxiety take the wheel… You did awesome with so many of yours!! 🙂 About setting up the Patreon and Ko-Fi, I’d definitely say to go for it! I have a Ko-Fi account, but I’d love to set up a Patreon. It can’t help to have options out there for those that enjoy your content and can help you out financially! 🙂 I have a wonderful woman that donates to my Ko-Fi every now and again <3 I try to support other bloggers as well when my budget allows.

    Have a wonderful 2020!

  3. If you look at the things you achieved, they outweigh the things that didn’t happen at all. So, good for you! It’s hard to balance what we have to do with what we want to do. You’re doing great!

  4. I distinctly remember people saying “2018 has been a raging dumpster fire but at least 2019 can’t be worse” and I am CONVINCED they jinxed it. jinxed it, I tell you.

    looking back, I think I also had a fairly strong start but floppy finish to the year. and when I went on hiatus, I fell completely off the wagon with … basically everything blog related tbh. (I’m working on convincing myself that it’s okay not to go back through all the bloghopping backlog. it’s a struggle.) that Hamilton gif is an always mood, really.

    BUT. the one bright spot in my 2019 is that I finally talked myself out of staying in pharmacy (with some help from IRL friends and academic advisors), so here’s hoping that improves my mental health and gives me back some more free time.

    2019 was really rough, but 2020 has taken over and I am throwing myself on its mercy. (and I hope it goes better for both of us!)

    • Sophia

      Honestly same every single year with the jinxes (probably why I’ve hermitted from checking social media lately… if I don’t see it, I’ll be skipped with all the jinxing). Oooooh, that’s exciting! I hope whatever you choose next will take you on an amazing path and also I hope it’ll be good for you. ❤

      Not going through the backlog is a HUGE struggle; half of me wants to abandon the backlog, but part of me is also, “where the hell do I go next then?” or completely forget to even hop in the first place. 😪

  5. Soph, it seems like you summed up my year.. I was on top of my goals and blog until July and then the rough part of 2019 arrived and hell broke. I have blogged sporadically after that and feel like I failed at everything 🙁 Anyway I am here now, so that is a win?

    Happy New year..

    • Sophia

      Hey Gayathri! Good hearing from you! Sorry to hear the rest of 2019 wasn’t good for you either. Here’s to hoping 2020 will be good to both of us. <3

  6. I think you did well overall. It’s tough to keep up sometimes. I think you should totally do a Pateron or Ko-Fi account. Don’t feel bad about it! Bloggers really do put so much time, energy, and money into their blogs and if people want to support them monetarily sometimes, then why not?


    • Sophia

      Thanks Lauren, completely agree! I think it’s the stipulation that sort of exists that’s stopping me for the most part (that, and the lack of energy and motivation to do so).

  7. Honestly you still did much better than me!! I’ve dropped off for all blogging related tasks in the past few months and I’m trying to regain motivation in 2020 haha

  8. Haley

    I started pinterest and was jut like ‘eh too much work’ 2019 was a time…let’s hope 2020 is better but I think you did really well with your goals!

    • Sophia

      Thanks Haley! Here’s to hoping 2020 will be well also. Pinterest is DEFINITELY a lot of work, especially with the images. I’m not too keen about switching my entire blog featured images to vertical so there’s less work, so I’m kind of stuck doing both? I keep forgetting about it, though. The good part about Pinterest is you can just let it sit in Pinterest and maybe the search engine there will lead traffic to the site, but it does require some activity of sorts to happen, I think.

  9. Clo

    Ah I started 2019 off great and then slowly after I finished college, got a job I just became less motivated and more…lost I guess. Still you did amazing last year and here’s to 2020 being kinder to all of us because honestly, how much more crap can we all take at this point? I don’t think I can take much more before I just became a puddle.

    • Sophia

      *pat pat* I know that feeling. I hope you find your path in 2020 or at least be less lost than in 2019! And hopefully not a puddle; I’d hate to lose you.

  10. I sucked last year as far as reading and blogging. I had so much going on (I moved & it took a toll). I don’t make a lot of goals though and every year I’m still here I consider it a success lol

    I’m always interested in doing more with Pinterest but it feels like work?? so I don’t because I already struggle to keep up with everything else.

    I think you did great overall!

    Karen @ For What It’s worth

    • Sophia

      Hey, that’s a completely valid goal to have! I hope 2020 will be kind to you; you’re doing great. <3

      That is a MOOD regarding Pinterest. In my experience you have to be active, but I know a lot of people use services such as Tailwind to help automate things (which unfortunately is paid). I DO have to create twice the amount of images though… unless I want to switch to a vertical featured image, but that just adds more work going back into all the old posts.

  11. I’m amazed that you did everything that you did in 2019! I love create goals for myself. I don’t meet all of them, but they help me prioritize and do more than I would without concrete goals and deadlines. The trick is to give myself enough direction without making all of my goals feel overwhelming.

    • Sophia

      “I don’t meet all of them, but they help me prioritize and do more than I would without concrete goals and deadlines.”

      That’s a really good way to put it, Crystal! I love it.